IA LONDON is an Avantgarde brand founded in 2017. 

​Intellectually driven experimentation with form and imagery defines IA London's visual identity. 

IA London is Fashion Scout's "Ones To Watch" Award recipient, LFW on-schedule designer, BFC member

and VOGUE'S "New Name To Know From LFW Fall 2021 Season"


Designer Ira Iceberg directs IA LONDON. Although not formally trained as a fashion designer, Ira did study fine art and printmaking.

The visual identity of IA LONDON is driven by Iceberg's preoccupation and experimentation with two key elements:

Form: guided by an interest in the notion of MA and its impact on the silhouette

Imagery: Iceberg's former training in fine art and printmaking naturally led to the use of powerful imagery onto my garments; their presence is not for decorative purposes but rather to explore a narrative and tell a story. 


Combining these elements has led to the creation of a distinct visual identity that makes IA LONDON stand out and has gained the recognition and support of leading Fashion professionals and press. 

IA LONDON collections are entirely manufactured in England, throughout sustainable and ethical practices.

"IA LONDON is interested in progressive aesthetics and challenging convention through distinct visual forms. Mental health, female empowerment, unconscious bias, belonging, the definition of beauty are all reoccurring themes in my collections and hopefully contribute to the diversity, openness and inclusion that the British Fashion stands for." - Ira Iceberg, IA London founder and designer