IA London is an independent brand and is not owned/backed by any fashion conglomerate.

Despite a significant impact of the Pandemic on Brand's sales, we continued showing original creative content regularly, inspiring creative resilience and providing workplaces for local creatives.

This period exhausted our resources but not our creative energy,

and we now need your support to develop our next collection and show in 2022.

If you like what we're doing, please consider a donation using PayPal button below.

As a way to say thank you, the top twenty donors will be awarded a front-row seat

at our on-schedule physical runway show at London Fashion Week in February 2022.


IA London seeks to provide a sense of timelessness, quality, and artistic craftsmanship

in the age of fast consumerism. Our collections are entirely made in England, supporting local know-how and

sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes.We direct the extensive public and press attention that our shows generate to promote a Bias-free vision of age equality, inclusiveness, diversity and to raise mental health awareness.

For further info and LFW sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch.