In the world saturated with disposable garments and fast fashion, IA LONDON aims to make garments that will last. Garments that will be treasured and maybe even passed between generations. Our scalable UK-based manufacturing mechanism allows sustainable and ethical manufacturing, close quality control and lead times of 3 to 4 weeks.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRINTING All our fabrics are printed by the leading digital textile UK specialist, using a more environmentally aware process of digital textile printing. Its reputation as the eco-friendlier of the printing processes (compared to traditional printing and dyeing methods) is predominantly measured through the reduced amount of waste inevitably produced. Our fabrics are printed using Azo dye free certified inks, many fabrics also have an OEKO-TEX certification or are to European REACH standards.rm


FABRICS SOURCING All trims and fabrics for the unprinted parts of the garment are sourced from the reputable London-based merchants and made in the UK, or Italy.


LONDON-BASED ETHICAL MANUFACTURING All fabrics and trims arrive at the boutique factory in West  London, with a proven reputation for ethical labour standards and excellent working environment. The factory is specialising in bespoke tailoring and has a medium-size production capability. Our fabrics are cut and tailored by a skilled team of seamstresses with a lot of care and attention to details and shipped directly to our wholesale and private clients around the world.


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