How IA LONDON addresses the three pillars of Positive Fashion




Emissions footprint - All IA London products are made locally in the UK, thus significantly limiting the brand’s production carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly printing – fabrics are printed locally by digital textile specialists. Digital printing is considered the eco-friendliest of printing processes compared to traditional methods as is produces less waste and uses Azo dye free certified inks. Most fabrics used have an OEKO-TEX certification or are to European REACH standards.rm

Zero Waste – printing the artworks onto the garments’ pattern allows for the most efficient use of the material and as a result, does not produce waste.

IA London garments are made to order: there is no stock holding which usually leads to obsolescence. All garments are made using the highest quality of materials and are built to last for many years.



Inclusiveness and diversity - all our runway shows and presentations since the start included models of all religions, ethnicities, genders and social backgrounds. 

Confronting age biases - actively supporting and promoting the idea of “beauty has no age’, we worked with models of all ages, including “The Cage” age biases confronting project, in collaboration with Grey model Alex Bruni.


Craftsmanship & community: 

Supporting local craftsmanship - all IA London garments are printed in the UK and manufactured at a factory with a proven reputation for ethical labour standards, located in the Borough of Kilburn, London.

Supporting textile industry - in our humble way, we look to contribute to the UK textile industry, by developing unique trendsetting prints and by collaborating with leading UK digital textile printing specialists, experimenting with new techniques and a range of natural fibres, including silk, linen and organic cotton.



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