IA LONDON - Timeless Design and Made In The UK


IA London is a sustainable luxury Avantgarde womenswear brand. IA London seeks to provide a sense of Timelessness and encourage individualism and artistic self-expression, designing and sustainably manufacturing clothes to be treasured even by past generations. 

IA London proposes new views on deconstruction, recycling and re-construction, uniquely amalgamating three-dimensional forms with original imagery and focusing on exploring a garment as a sculptural/architectural structure. The Brand's creative vision is inspired by global influences, of which Japan is the most significant. The Japanese kimono is a garment that we reconfigure in every collection.

Cambridge-based fashion designer Ira Iceberg is the current Creative Director of IA London.

Local Craftsmanship

The longevity of IA London's garments is achieved by focusing on their quality. We work with carefully-selected British digital textile printing specialists to ensure that the deep vibrant colours of our prints will last, enhanced through the uncompromising quality of fabrics and careful quality control. Manufacturing in the UK also means a faster turnaround time, allowing on-demand customisation and generating genuinely unique designs. 



IA London's unique design method was developed with environmental awareness in mind. Our on-demand manufacturing allows the most efficient use of material, resulting in minimal waste and no unwanted stock. We use Azo dye-free certified inks and OEKO-TEX or European REACH standards.rm certified materials to print digitally and reduce water waste. From fabrics sourcing and printing to tailoring and finishing, the production occurs locally, reducing the Brand's carbon footprint.